About us

Established in 1958, UNESDA represents the European soft drinks industry. Our members produce drinks including squashes, still drinks, carbonates, powders, fruit drinks, iced teas, iced coffees, syrups, energy drinks and sports drinks. Based in Brussels, UNESDA members include both corporations and national associations from across the EU and beyond. UNESDA is a signatory to the EU Transparency Register n°25492952296-56.

Message from our President

For more than 60 years UNESDA has united our industry around a common ambition to strengthen the contribution we make to Europe while serving consumers with the drinks they love.

Our sector has been proud to lead the way in setting out significant goals to create a healthier food environment and make packaging more sustainable. Engaging with national associations and member companies we will further the progress made to date and build strong, cross-sector partnerships that allow us to achieve these priorities together.

Tim Brett
President of UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe

Tim Brett, President, Coca-Cola Western Europe, began his two-year tenure as President of UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe, in January 2019. In assuming the role he reinforced UNESDA’s commitment to serve as a partner with EU institutions to achieve shared goals that help advance the economies and societies the sector serves.

Following recent UNESDA pledges to make packaging more sustainable by increasing recyclability, collection and use of recycled plastics, and a commitment to reduce added sugars by a further 10% by 2020, Mr Brett acknowledged the strong progress being made and the importance of continued focus.

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