Advertising & Marketing Practices

No advertising to children under 13

We do not market or advertise any of our soft drinks to children under 13 across all media. This commitment recognises that parents and caregivers wish to retain responsibility for what their children eat and drink.


Original commitment 2006

  • No marketing communication in printed media, websites or during broadcast programmes specifically aimed at children under 12
  • Avoid any direct appeal to children in marketing communications


Changes and developments updated in 2010

  • In 2008 UNESDA extended the advertising commitment to include cinemas
  • In 2010 UNESDA extended the advertising commitment to include the digisphere and company owned websites. It also tightened the audience criteria and committed to no advertising when 35% of the audience or more was under 12 years of age.


Changes updated in 2021

UNESDA further strengthened its commitment not to market or advertise any soft drinks to children across all media by:

  • raising the minimum age limit to 13 years old
  • lowering the audience threshold to 30% so that in practice fewer young children will be directly exposed to advertising for any of soft drinks
  • expanding the scope of channels where we will not market or advertise.



2022 Monitoring results

Unesda corporate members achieved solid results regarding its marketing and advertising commitment, as demonstrated in the audits carried out by independent marketing and media consultancy Ebiquity (television) and the European Advertising Standards Alliance (websites, social media and influencers).

The sector reached high compliance rates:

  • 98.7% on TV
  • 92.9% on company-owned websites
  • 94.1% on company-owned social media profiles
  • 100% on influencer profiles

Unesda is committed to continuing to work towards full compliance of its marketing and advertising commitment.

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