How can we build a more sustainable and competitive food and drink industry? The European soft drinks sector’s vision for the next EU political term

The 2024 European elections mark a fresh chapter for European citizens and businesses. This will present an opportunity to steer the EU towards greater policy stability and sustainable progress, while enhancing its role in addressing the needs and aspirations of consumers and helping businesses to thrive. The EU’s political approach should address the complexities of the environment in which we live and be highly strategic, based on consistent dialogue and thorough impact assessments.

What does it take to foster balanced diets in Europe?

The journey towards enhanced health and nutrition in Europe is both fascinating and challenging. A complex web of inter-related factors come into play, such as dietary preferences, physical activity habits and overall health. To ensure the success of fostering balanced diets, EU decision-makers should consider self-regulatory actions and evidence-based policies based on robust consumption data.

Let’s not compromise waste collection in Europe just to accommodate a few

The latest draft General Approach from the Council of the EU on the proposed EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation is nothing but alarming when it comes to beverage packaging waste collection. With the EU Environment Ministers meeting on December 18 to adopt their position on the PPWR, we urge Member States to maintain the obligation on Member States to set up a Deposit and Return System (DRS) for beverage bottles and cans unless a very high collection rate is achieved by other means.

Time for Member States to secure an ambitious, yet realistic EU packaging law

On 22 November, the European Parliament sent strong positive signals to EU citizens and businesses when it voted on its amendments to the proposal for an EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). Encouragingly, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) supported measures that promote the circularity of beverage packaging and respect the complementary role of recycling and reuse. Member States should adopt a similar position to help the industry achieve the EU’s circularity ambitions.

It’s possible to promote healthier lifestyles with the right policy support

No other food or drink sector in Europe has taken so many meaningful actions to support healthier lifestyles than the soft drinks sector.

How does an ambitious, yet realistic EU packaging law look like?

We are just 48h away from the plenary vote on the proposed EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) in the European Parliament and, if the right amendments are supported, this vote will mark an important step towards beverage packaging circularity.

Recognising the complementarity of reuse and recycling is the solution

Ahead of the plenary vote on the proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), a large group of European and national associations across various sectors are expressing serious concerns regarding the approach to reuse adopted by the European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI) on October 24.

Securing priority access to recyclates is a must in EU packaging plan

In the pursuit of a more sustainable future, we, the European natural mineral waters and soft drinks industries are enhancing our packaging material efficiency, investing in lightweighting solutions and recyclability, and setting up efficient collection and recycling systems, such as Deposit and Return Systems (DRS).

EU packaging plan must support recycling, reuse and refill

Without a packaging legislation that is supportive of reuse, refill and recycling as complementary solutions, industry faces major difficulties in meeting its circularity obligations, and the future of currently-effective recycling systems could be seriously compromised.

How the European Parliament and the Council can develop rules for a more pragmatic and realistic introduction of reuse

The EU is set to move towards a circular economy for beverage packaging. In just a couple of weeks, Members of the Environment Committee in the European Parliament will vote on their amendments to the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). In parallel, EU Member States are working towards adopting their position on this file by the end of the year. Among the key areas of attention in the PPWR is reuse and refill. It is absolutely critical that MEPs and Member States support sound measures that ensure that recycling, reuse and refill are complementary solutions, and reject proposals to increase the reuse and refill targets without further assessment of their environmental, economic and social impacts.

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