9 June 2015

UNESDA corporate member CCE has published its 10th annual Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report today, including its revised Sustainability Plan. The report aligns with the new global sustainability reporting standard, GRI G4, and takes an issues-based approach covering six material sustainability issues as well as the company’s performance in 2014.

Download the report here: http://www.cokecce.com/system/file_resources/277/CCE_Factsheets_Complete.pdf

The revised Sustainability Plan recognises the company’s progress over the past 10 years, with commitments that embrace environmental and social issues.Promoting the well-being of consumers has a stronger focus than ever before. Eg.

  • Since 2007, CCE has reduced its absolute carbon footprint by nearly 30%. Now, it is committing to cut that number in half by 2020.
  • In 2014, more than a third of the PET CCE used was recycled PET. Its new target is to ensure that 40% of the PET it uses is recycled PET and/or PET from renewable materials.
  • It has new commitments to reduce calories per litre by 10%, across its entire portfolio by 2020, and to encourage people to be physically active – targeting 3 million people across its territories in that same timeframe.
  • CCE also has a new commitment to support the skills development and learning needs of 250,000 young people every year across its territories.