A greener future – for and with your children

The journey towards full circularity starts at young age. We as parents have a shared responsibility to develop a greener future for our children. As we spend more time with our children at home, we have an opportunity to teach them the principles of collecting and recycling. Learn why from UNESDA Director General Nicholas Hodac’s ideas.

UNESDA believes that education on recycling is an integral element of the soft drinks industry’s efforts to drive full circularity. Check out UNESDA contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the roadmap on educational sustainability.

Circular Packaging Vision 2030

With our Circular Packaging Vision 2030 we are accelerating the transition to a circular economy.  We pledge that EU beverage packaging will be fully circular by 2030: 90% collected, PET bottles made from 100% recycled and/or renewable material, and increased use of refillables.

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