Ensuring that its packaging can be collected for recycling is critical to Coca-Cola European Partners’ (CCEP) business. To enhance collection rates across its markets it is also supporting the introduction of well-designed deposit return schemes (DRS) – especially in those markets where an effective alternative collection scheme does not exist. Critically, deposit return schemes help to increase the supply of high-quality recycled plastic. To transition to a circular economy, where packaging is collected and recycled, it is essential that packaging comes back so that the material can be reprocessed and increase the supply of recycled plastic that can be used again in new bottles.

Key achievements:

  • In 2018:
    • 98% of CCEP primary packaging was recyclable
    • 28% of the PET used in its plastic bottles was recycled
    • 21% of its packaging (PET & glass) was refillable
  • CCEP ‘Action on Packaging’ has made the following commitments by 2025:
    • Recyclability – 100% of its packaging will be recyclable
    • Packaging collection – the company will work with local and national partners to collect 100% of its packaging in Western Europe, including support for well-designed deposit return schemes
    • Recycled or renewable material – CCEP will ensure that at least 50% of the material it uses for its PET bottles comes from recycled plastic by 2023
    • Inspire to recycle – the company will use the reach of its brands to inspire everyone to recycle
    • Sustainable packaging – CCEP will lead the way in pioneering sustainable packaging – including renewable materials and smart new ways to reduce packaging waste
  • All bottles for CCEP’s Honest, Smartwater and Chaudfontaine brands across Western Europe are made from 100% recycled plastic, helping CCEP avoid the use of 9,000 tonnes of virgin plastic each year

Ongoing actions:

  • Sweden will become the first market globally where CCEP will make all plastic bottles produced locally from 100% recycled plastic. It’s a significant landmark for the business, impacting 205 million plastic bottles each year. It will help the company to remove 3,500 tonnes of virgin plastic each year and reduce CO2 emissions by 25%. Approximately 85% of all PET-bottles in Sweden are already collected for recycling
  • To mark the arrival of these 100% rPET bottles in stores, the labels on Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Bonaqua will become white, transforming them from their signature colours to clearly communicate the message “Recycle me again. I am made of 100% recycled plastic.” Read more about the three-month campaign here
  • In the Netherlands CCEP’s Fuze Tea bottles will be made from 100% recycled plastic from 2020

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