Sales and Consumption

Soft drinks offer a wide variety of flavours, formats and packaging, with something to suit every drinking occasion. No- and low-calorie drinks now account for up to 30% of sales in many European markets and enable people to refresh themselves without any sugar or calories. Published data shows that soft drinks contribute just 3% of calories to the daily diet of the average European and recent studies demonstrate the efficacy of no-calorie soft drinks in achieving weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Exercise and physical activity play a key role in balanced lifestyles and UNESDA members have committed to work at both European and national level to promote physical activity and encourage consumers to keep active. Members provide both practical and financial support to initiatives such as fun days, marathons and city runs, working with local authorities and sporting organisations. They also practice what they preach and have significant internal programmes to drive exercise and healthy lifestyles among their own staff.

Soft drinks play an essential role in hydration. Keeping the body well hydrated is important in ensuring optimum mental and physical functioning in humans. It is recommended that we consume 2-3 litres of fluid each day, comprising both drinks and foods such as fruit and vegetables.

Industry Volume Data

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