Key achievements:

  • As of 2017:
    • 86% of total packaging (and 77% of plastic packaging) is reusable, recyclable or compostable
    • 36% average recycled content in its packaging – including 14% rPET in beverage bottles
  • Pioneered the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in France with the founding of Eco-Emballages (now CITEO)

Ongoing actions:

  • Systematically looks to collaborate with public authorities and private companies to optimise formal EPR and DRS systems
  • Expanding use of recycled and bio-plastics in packaging. Investing in development of renewable, bio-based materials to speed-up the transition away from fossil fuel plastics. Part of the NaturAll Bottle Alliance to introduce the first 75% bio-based bottle on a commercial scale by 2021
  • By 2025:
    • will have initiated or supported collection and recycling initiatives in each of their top 20 markets – representing some 90% of sales
    • Will reach an average 25% recycled material in their plastic packaging and offer bottles made from 100% bioplastic

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