EU Circular Economy Action Plan

UNESDA position paper on the EU Circular Economy Action Plan

UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe and its members have been driving sustainability throughout their value chain for decades. Packaging has an important role to play for the beverage industry, keepings its products safe, transportable and convenient for consumers. UNESDA is also a firm believer that packaging is a resource that should never be wasted. That’s why the soft drinks industry is taking numerous actions to achieve full circularity and support the Commission’s agenda to accelerate the transition towards a green economy.

Making Europe’s economy circular: the time is now

By Tudy Bernier, Senior Policy Manager, UNESDA

We are enthused to have sight of the Commission’s much anticipated Circular Economy Action Plan. The circular economy lies at the very heart of the Commission’s new regenerative growth strategy for Europe and UNESDA is fully committed to supporting the transition. As we embark on this next phase of Europe’s Circular Economy strategy, our industry needs three things: legal certainty, a long-term vision and a holistic approach, working in partnership with all actors. We need to create efficient collection schemes to increase collection of all beverage containers to ensure the availability of high quality rPET and continue to recycle aluminium and glass in a sustainable way. Only by doing this, can we guarantee a well-functioning internal market for secondary material.

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