EU Farm to Fork Strategy & EU Code of Conduct

EU Farm to Fork Strategy: Our preliminary contribution

UNESDA supports the overall ambitions of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy to deliver sustainable production and consumption. Our industry welcomes EU-wide approaches that are evidence-based and continue to place food safety centre stage, whilst also securing the competitiveness and dynamism of the food and drink sector.

Here are our initial summary viewpoints – we will be publishing more detailed topic-specific positions in the months ahead.

EU Farm to Fork Strategy – making healthier diets the easy choice

by Helen Benson, Regulatory Affairs Director, UNESDA

The COVID-19 crisis has brought the essential nature of Europe’s food and drink industry into sharp focus. Despite the unprecedented challenges of lockdowns and restrictions on movement across the continent, the food and drink sector has managed to maintain supply and ensure that the EU’s 450 million citizens continue to be fed and refreshed.

The EU should be proud of the way in which the entire supply chain has pulled together – from farmers and producers through to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.  The soft drinks sector is a local industry with local suppliers and plants and has worked with literally thousands of people to ensure that its products continue to reach the shelves. We have very much appreciated the clear guidance and support provided by the EU institutions in helping stakeholders navigate the crisis and its long-lasting effects on our economy and way of life.

Our contribution to the EU Code of Conduct

UNESDA welcomes the drawing up of an EU Code of Conduct that prioritises the key objectives of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and Circular Economy Action Plan, i.e.:
• making the healthier choice the easy choice; and
• accelerating the transition towards a circular economy

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