Euractiv lunch debate discusses the key factors to create a healthy environment in schools

On 25 September UNESDA supported a lunch debate organized by media portal Euractiv on the subject of ‘Creating a Healthy Schools environment’. The discussion brought together experts from the European Commission, academia and industry associations to explore meaningful actions to help create a healthy environment both inside schools and in the family environment.

Addressing the audience of over 30 people, Yannis Manios, Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Athens Harokopio University’s Department, highlighted the two sides of the childhood obesity challenge: decreasing calorie intake and encouraging more active lifestyles. He believes best practice actions for reducing calorie intake lie in setting a good example at home and at school.

Agreeing that tackling childhood obesity is about addressing the environment in which they live, learn and play, the Deputy Head of Cabinet of Education and Culture Commissioner Navracsics, Patricia Reilly, and Head of Cabinet of Health Commissioner Andriukaitis, Arunas Vinciunas, highlighted numerous initiatives aimed at increasing activity across all levels of European society and specifically the progress being made through the EU Action Plan on Childhood Obesity.

Watch the highlights from the debate including contributions from UNESDA DG and panellist Sigrid Ligné can be viewed here.

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