European soft drinks industry sets ambitions to make its plastic packaging more sustainable

By 2025:

  • 100% of soft drinks plastic packaging to be recyclable
  • PET bottles to contain a minimum of 25% recycled content

Ambitions aim to achieve circularity through

  • Recyclability
  • Use of Recycled Content
  • Collection
  • Reuse

Representing our sector’s contribution to the EU’s bold objectives and calls for action on packaging sustainability

Contributing towards building a circular model for plastic packaging

Beverage packaging is already the most collected packaging in the EU

The ambitions are:

BY 2025

1. 100% of soft drinks primary plastic packaging to be recyclable

Soft drinks PET bottles to contain a minimum of 25% recycled material on average

2. Supports growth of a secondary raw material market to make food grade quality rPET available, accessible and affordable to allow us to go beyond our target

3. Further increase and optimise collection rates for all EU markets in collaboration with others involved in packaging recovery

4. Reuse packaging, such as refillable bottles, where it makes environmental and economic sense

We support the EU goals and our ambitions contribute to:

The European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy

The proposal for a Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment

We want to increase the sustainability of all our packaging, including its collection for recycling and to avoid littering

Our top priorities:

  • Optimising packagingcollection and recycling
  • Preventing littering of streets, oceans and waterways
  • Optimal collection systems
  • Increased collection and recycling capacity, and
  • Greater consumer awareness and understanding

are key to increasing availability and affordability of food grade quality rPET and increasing recycled content in soft drinks primary plastic packaging

Our sector will continue to take a leading role in:

We have taken significant steps to make our packaging more sustainable

Reducing raw materials used through light-weighting programmes

Increasing use of recycled materials

Innovating to improve and remove technical barriers to recyclability

Soft drinks companies have been instrumental in their set-up and running across the EU

Systems must be well designed, set-up and managed. In most EU markets our packaging is part of a generic recovery system under extended producer responsibility. In others it is collected through a deposit return system

We will collaborate with other actors to further increase rates of collection for recycling

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