We organised a clean-up action in Brussels during the EU Green Week 2022. The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of disposing of waste correctly so more waste can be collected, recycled, and reused to enable the transition to a circular economy. It was also a good opportunity to encourage responsible behaviour to promote cleaner surroundings.


Beverage packaging has an important role to play in helping create a circular economy in Europe because it is a resource that can (and should) be collected, recycled, and reused multiple times in a closed-loop system.

One way of reducing packaging waste is to use more reusable solutions. The European soft drinks sector, represented by UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe, is already using several reusable systems, from returnable refillable containers to in-home dispensers.

As part of its Circular Packaging Vision 2030, Europe’s soft drinks sector aims to increase reuse by 2030 as a complementary way to its continued efforts on recyclability, collection, and recycling of its packaging. This commitment is in line with the European Commission’s aim to promote the use of more reusable packaging solutions in the revision of its Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.

Against this background, UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe hosted an online debate that brought together industry representatives, NGOs, and EU decision makers to discuss how to make the shift to more reusable beverage solutions a success and what conditions and enablers are necessary to make this transition realistic.


Moderator: Delphine Close, EU Policy Manager, UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe


The role of reusable systems in UNESDA’s Circular Packaging Vision

Delphine Close, EU Policy Manager, UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe


The European Commission’s perspectives on policy options for reuse

Wolfgang Trunk, Economic Analyst – Legislation, Circular Economy – From Waste to Resources Unit, DG Environment, European Commission


The role of reusable packaging in Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste Initiative

Hans Van Bochove, Head of Public Policy, The Coca-Cola Company Europe


PepsiCo Positive – Sustainable Packaging

Gloria Gabellini, Director of Environmental Policy, PepsiCo Europe


How the industry can lead the way in developing more reusable systems

Joan Marc Simon, Executive Director, Zero Waste Europe


Open discussion


Concluding remarks

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