Industry calls for revenue from EU Plastic Levy to be earmarked for circular economy projects

July 2020: UNESDA has cosigned a joint statement on Fiscal Measures related to Packaging Materials & Applications – together with 40 other actors from across the packaging supply, food and drinks industry. The letter has been sent to EU stakeholders and sets out the need for investment, along with concerns around introducing further fiscal measures on packaging, such as a new plastic tax.

Our industry supports the policy objective of ensuring that all packaging is reusable or recyclable by 2030 – as laid down in the European Green Deal. Meeting these goals requires significant investments from both the packaging supply chain and public authorities. However, we are concerned at the possible introduction of new or additional fiscal measures on packaging and strongly believe that these are not the most efficient tool to drive the innovation and investments needed to meet the Green Deal policy objectives.

For Europe’s soft drinks industry to continue to be both competitive and sustainable, a strong and efficient packaging collection, recycling and sorting infrastructure is a prerequisite. It will support Europe in achieving its ambitious Circular Economy targets and stimulate increased use of recycled content. As we recover from the COVID-19 economic fallout, EU Recovery Funds have the opportunity to support the green transition by immediately funding investments in waste collection schemes, recycling innovation and green infrastructures,” said Nicholas Hodac, Director General of UNESDA.

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