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Corn syrup

High-fructose corn syrup, also known as isoglucose or glucose-fructose syrup, is a sweetener widely used in foods and soft drinks. It is made by converting corn syrup, which is 100% glucose into another sugar, fructose, and then mixing the two together to produce the desired level of sweetness. For soft drinks this is usually in a ratio of 55% fructose to 45% glucose, which is equivalent to the sweetness of normal sugar, sucrose. Sucrose itself is a molecule made up of fructose and glucose which is broken down by the body during digestion into fructose and glucose. As well as its use in soft drinks, high-fructose corn syrup is also found in many foods such as salad dressings, breads, biscuits and soups.

However in the EU, quotas for isoglucose limits production to around 2% of sugar production, meaning that it has not seen the same wide-scale replacement of sugar that has happened in other countries.