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Local names for non alcoholic drinks

Non alcoholic drinks are frequently known by a collective, colloquial name. These include ‘soda’ in the United States, which is a catch-all for all carbonated drinks.  These names are frequently derived from an existing soft drink, such as Limonaad or Ginger, or refer to the nature of the drink, such as Sprudel or Fizzy Pop.

Here are some of the names used in various European countries:

Austria Gespritzter ...saft (e.g. Gespritzter Apfelsaft)
Belgium Soft (FR), Frisdrank (NL)
Bulgaria Gazirano
Denmark Sodavand ; Læskedrik
Estonia Limonaad , Karastusjook
Finland Virvoitusjuoma ; Limonadi
France Soda
Germany Sprudel ; Brause
Greece Anapsyktika
Hungary Üdítőital ; Üdítő
Ireland Mineral
Italy Bibita
Malta Luminata
Netherlands Frisdrank ; Fris
Norway Brus
Poland Napoje gazowane
Portugal Refrigerante
Romania Răcoritoare, Suc, Cico
Spain Refrescos, Gaseosas
Sweden Läsk
UK Pop, Fizzy pop, Ginger, Juice