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Nutrient Profiles

The principle of balanced diet and active lifestyle is the basis of EU policy on nutrient profiles as set out in the European Commission White Paper Strategy for Europe on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity Related Health Issues of May 2007.  It is also the foundation of the Commission’s EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, which brings together government, industry, academia and others to develop measures to help EU citizens improve their diets and lead a more active lifestyle.

It is widely acknowledged that no specific food or food category in the diet causes weight gain.  It is also widely agreed that it is not just diet that determines weigh gain and that obesity is a condition with multiple contributory factors.  Therefore, we are not convinced that banning nutritional claims on individual foods or food categories will have a meaningful impact on the problem.


The EFSA opinion on nutrient profiles acknowledges the important role that soft drinks can play in hydration.  Our industry offers a wide range of drinks, including no sugar and low sugar, as well as fruit juice based drinks and bottled waters.  Reduced calorie products have seen considerable growth in recent years and can contribute to a balanced diet and help reduce the overall energy content of the diet.