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Soda Gun

A soda gun is a device that allows bars to serve various types of drinks from a single device or ‘gun’. Soda guns can serve any beverage made from a combination of flavouring syrup, water, and carbon dioxide. These can include a variety of soft drinks, carbonated water, or plain water. 

The soda gun comes in two basic models; pre-mix and post mix. In the pre-mix, there are a series of tanks of individual ready-to-serve beverages, connected via hoses to a single nozzle. The person serving selects the drink of choice on the gun used by the bartender. In the post mix-version, there are a series of tanks of beverage syrup and carbon dioxide, along with a dedicated water source, and the drink is mixed as it is dispensed. Whether pre-mix or post-mix, they offer the convenience of having freshly carbonated drinks rather than opening and using bottles or cans. They also take up considerably less space.