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Sugars are carbohydrates and mainly provide energy for the body. During intense physical activity in particular, sugars are the main energy source.

Sugars can be found in fruit, berries, vegetables and honey or in manufactured foods and beverages. There are no nutritional differences among sugars, whether they are naturally occurring or whether added to beverages or food. During digestion, sugars - such as sucrose and lactose – are broken down into single sugars. Single sugars then travel through the blood stream to various body cells where they are either stored for future use, mainly in the liver, or are used as energy by our body’s cells.

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Foods and beverages can contain different sugars and he most common sugars include:

  • Sucrose – a disaccharide or double sugar made of equal parts of glucose and fructose. Sucrose is found in many fruits and vegetables and is often used in manufactured foods and beverages. This sugar is commonly known as ‘table’ or ‘white’ sugar and is found naturally in sugar cane and sugar beet.
  • Fructose – a monosaccharide or single sugar. It is present in many fruits as either the monosaccharide itself or in combination with glucose as the disaccharide sucrose. fructose is about 1 ½ times sweeter than sucrose.
  • Glucose – is a monosacchide, a single sugar. It is present in some fruits, vegetables and other foods and beverages as a monosaccharide. It is also present as the disaccharides; sucrose (in combination with fructose), maltose (in combination with another glucose) or lactose (in combination with galactose) Maltose and lactose are less sweet than sucrose.
  • Lactose – a disaccharide or double sugar. In nature, it is found in milk. It is less sweet than any of the other sugars.

High fructose syrup (HFS) also known as ‘isoglucose’ – a liquid mixture of approximately equal parts of glucose and fructose from wheat or potato starch is used sometimes to sweeten foods and drinks and has about the same sweetness as sucrose.


Non-alcoholic beverages are a diverse group of products. Some are carbonated, while others are still. Some contain sugar and others do not and the levels of sugar can vary considerably from one beverage to another.

Some beverages contain non-caloric sweeteners (See Intense Sweeteners).