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Non-alcoholic beverages are a diverse group of products, including carbonated drinks, still and dilutable drinks, fruit juices, nectars and bottled waters. Some contain sugar, others contain non-caloric sweeteners and yet others are unsweetened. And even the sugar levels of beverages containing sugar vary considerably from one beverage to another. The same goes for energy content, with many non-alcoholic beverages having only a negligible calorie value. In other words, non-alcoholic beverages cannot be classified as one homogenous group.

The basic ingredient of a non-alcoholic beverage is always water. Sometimes a sweetener and a flavour are added. Water represents about 90% of sugar-containing carbonated drinks (even more for low-calorie versions) and of fruit juices and 100% of bottled waters.

Non-alcoholic beverages are consumed because they are thirst quenching, as an accompaniment to a meal, for pure enjoyment, for hydration, as an alternative to alcoholic beverages or just for fun.

Beverages are consumed at all times of the day. What is preferred as a drink during the morning may not be the liquid of choice during the afternoon or evening. Offering a variety of beverages to meet differing consumer requirements throughout the day is therefore very important.

The non-alcoholic beverages industry is constantly developing innovative flavours. The wide range of flavours has expanded far beyond colas and fruit flavours and consumers can now choose from flavours such as herbs, plant extracts and tea. Producers are creating versions with reduced sugar, as well as “light”, sport drinks, new age and “energy” drinks and sparkling and still waters, with and without added flavours. Beverages include diet, low calorie and no added sugar variants. Fortified drinks provide extra vitamins, minerals and other functional ingredients to consumers that choose them.

Every food and beverage plays a role in a balanced diet. The great variety of non-alcoholic beverages includes sugar-containing, low-calorie and non-calorie beverages. This variety, along with clear and precise labelling, enables individuals to buy the beverage that is appropriate for their lifestyle and physical activity levels. Thanks to such a variety and choice, there is a non-alcoholic beverage to suit every age group, thirst, taste and situation.