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Water Recycling

In order to conserve water used in the production of soft drinks UNESDA members recycle much of the water used in the production of their products.  Water from production processes such as cooling and rinsing is reused internally for the cleaning of crates and trucks, for the washing of floors and even for watering the landscape.

UNESDA members are committed to treating wastewater and ensuring that all the water used in manufacturing processes is returned safely to the environment at a quality that supports fish and plant life.

Companies either build wastewater treatment plants or work in partnership with third parties and local authorities to manage and control all water used in the manufacture of their products.

Natural solutions for returning wastewater to the purity of rainwater are also available now, with plants such as reeds, irises, bamboos and rushes used in a process called phytorestoration which retains organic matter and filters phosphorus and nitrogen.  This process significantly reduces both the use of chemicals and the consumption of energy.