Making the healthier choice the easy choice – our preliminary contribution to the Farm to Fork Strategy

UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe has published its preliminary contribution to the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.  The newly released position paper represents our sector’s initial summary viewpoints on key issue areas including front-of-pack nutrition labelling; marketing practices; reformulation and nutrient profiles.  The document can be found on the website here.

We support the EU Farm to Fork Strategy overall ambition of delivering sustainable production and consumption. Our industry welcomes EU-wide approaches that are evidence-based and continue to place food safety centre stage, whilst also securing the competitiveness and dynamism of the food and drink sector.  The sector asks that implementation of the Strategy be:

  • Transparent and inclusive – with comprehensive stakeholder consultation and impact assessments
  • Based on sound evidence – in line with the Strategy’s guiding principle that there are no unhealthy foods, but there are unhealthy diets
  • Harmonised and fair across the EU – ensuring critical mass without singling out any sector

Over the coming months we will be publishing more detailed, topic-specific positions on each of the key platforms of the Farm to Fork Strategy.

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