Over 60% of soft drinks sold in Norway in 2020 are sugar-free

Today Bryggeriforeningen, the Norwegian Beer and Soft Drinks Producers association, announced that so far in 2020, over 60 percent of the soft drinks consumed in Norway have been sugar-free.

We have delivered’’, said Hege Ramseng, head of communications at the Norwegian association. The industry in Norway has worked systematically on product development and campaigns. It has produced results”, she added.

“We are thrilled to learn that no-sugar drinks are now 61% of total soft drinks sales in Norway,” said Nicholas Hodac, Director General of UNESDA. “This is an incredible achievement and certainly the highest level that we know of in Europe – and possibly anywhere in the world.”

“This milestone illustrates the importance of innovation and collaboration with other stakeholders in driving consumer change. It also underlines the positive role that the soft drinks industry can play in supporting people to make healthier choices and reduce their calorie intake as part of a balanced diet.”, he added.

UNESDA took the commitment in 2017 to reduce by a further 10% the average sugar content in its products, including by promoting low and no calorie soft drinks. The Norwegian example is paving the way for further achievements and success stories.

More information to be found about the Norwegian market here: https://www.drikkeglede.no/

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