PepsiCo’s vision is to build a world where plastics need never become waste.  To realise this the company must reduce, recycle, & reinvent its plastic packaging.

Key achievements:

  • Designing to use the minimum amount of packaging: In 2018 the company introduced Sustainable from the Start, that enables all teams in product development to consider the environmental impacts of their decisions. Each innovation will be reviewed with carbon, water and packaging impacts in mind and these insights will help it to make smart decisions when designing new products. Through this programme, PepsiCo is putting sustainability and lifecycle thinking at the heart of its innovation process, from ingredients to packaging. This programme empowers all teams involved in product development, from concept to launch, to consider the environmental impacts of their decisions—from ingredients to packaging and distribution
    • Reference in the Sustainability Report, page 27
  • PepsiCo is exploring initiatives to reinvent packaging, as part of its Beyond the Bottle and Beyond the Bag strategies. The recent acquisition of SodaStream is part of this approach and in 2019 PepsiCo beverage brands was introduced to the SodaStream model. Link
  • The company is trialling reusable packaging for Tropicana through its participation in Loop in the UK and France. Consumers can get products delivered to their door in reusable packaging and afterwards the packaging is collected and reused, eliminating waste and offering consumers enhanced convenience
  • PepsiCo is also collaborating to reinvent looking at new technology solutions to increase rPET supply. It has invested in a multi-year supply agreement with Loop Industries to purchase 100% recycled material to use in its packaging starting in 2020 and is investing in carbios, a French based company creating a new way to convert plastic into recycled content so that more waste can be recycled – such as difficult to recycle colours
  • Currently, 89% of PepsiCo’s packaging globally is recyclable
  • Investing in recycling adoption/ education with consumers

Ongoing actions/vision:

  • PepsiCo’s global vison is to build a world where plastics need never become waste. The goals are:
    • Design 100% of packaging to be recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025
    • Increase recycled contentin plastics packaging to 25% by 2025
    • Invest to increase recycling rates in key markets by 2025
  • To realise this vision, the company must reduce, recycle, & reinvent its plastic packaging —- and lead change through active partnerships and stakeholder engagement. To this end it is:
    • Reducing 35% of virgin plastic content across its beverage business globally by 2025 and achieving 50% rPET in its bottles across EU by 2030

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