Phosphorus in soft drinks

2 December 2013


ON PHOSPHORUS IN SOFT DRINKS – (Study published in the American journal of clinical nutrition – NHANES III, conducted by American researchers at the John-Hopkins University in Baltimore and Alabama)

Phosphorus is a mineral found widely in nature and plays an important role in how our bodies get energy. It is a major component of bones and teeth. Phosphorus can be found in milk, cheese, meat, bread, bran, breakfast cereals, eggs, nuts, fish,100 percent juice, juice drinks, soy-based beverages and soft drinks.

Not all soft drinks contain phosphorus. However phosphorus is present in some varieties. A 330 ml can of cola could contain up to 50 mg, whereas the same quantity of milk contains over 200 mg. The WHO has not established a recommended daily intake amount for phosphorus, but some countries have. The US. Institute of Medicine has set a Recommended Dietary Allowance for phosphorus at 700 mg per day for all adults over age 18, including pregnant and lactating women.

UNESDA represents the European soft drinks sector and its members comprise both corporations and national associations.There are 1071 soft drinks production plants and facilities across Europe and the sector supports over one million jobs both directly and indirectly. 56 billion litres of soft drinks are consumed annually across the EU with a retail value of €93 billion. Soft drinks contribute just 3% of daily calories in the average European diet.

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