UNESDA, represents the European soft drinks industry which comprises: still drinks, cordials, dilutables, carbonates, fruit drinks, energy drinks, iced teas and coffees, squashes and sports drinks. UNESDA does not represent fruit juice or natural mineral and spring water. The soft drinks industry is highly innovative with some 40% of the products on sale today having been introduced in the past five years.

Soft drinks are available in a wide variety of flavours. They are also offered in a range of packaging sizes and formats to suit every drinking occasion. This includes glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, cartons and pouches. Pack sizes range from single serve portions of 150ml; 200ml, 250ml and 330ml to larger pack sizes designed for sharing. No and low-sugar versions are widely available with all of the major brands offering a no or low calorie version. They account for up to 30% of sales in a number of European markets

For details of the wide portfolio of drinks offered by the European soft drinks industry please consult the A-Z of products below. These are: