Packaging is a central theme within Refresco’s wider sustainability approach. The company’s motto is Reduce & Recycle.  It wants to deliver a significant change in the reduction and recyclable content of packaging across all products provided to customers.

Specifically, the company works continuously to make its primary and secondary packaging lighter, which results in less materials being used and in a lower carbon footprint.

Key achievements:

  • 2020 – Refresco Europe awarded the first ever European Lean and Green Star for its transport operations in Europe where emissions are 20% lower than the industry benchmark

Ongoing Actions:

  • Target for recycled PET content is 50% by 2025
  • As demand for rPET has increased significantly in the market, driving up prices, the company is having to take concerted action to meet its targets, including:
    • designing its packaging specifically for recycling
    • reducing the total amount of plastic used in its packaging and including more recycled plastic in its PET bottles and secondary packaging
    • working with industry partners to increase collection rates, with a special focus on setting up deposit return systems across all markets. It is participating in a project to develop sustainable PET bottle packaging from bio-based materials and actively recruits new packaging technologies
  • Today, the company can offer its customers 30% up to 100% recycled content in its PET bottles, depending on the customer demand and availability of recycled PET.
  • In the UK, all our plastic packaging contains recycled materials and similar projects are underway across our business in Europe.

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