Soft drink producers in the Netherlands achieve commitment to reduce calories in their products by 25% – a year in advance of the deadline

The Dutch Association of Soft Drinks, Waters & Juices has announced that the industry hasreached its interim target of a 25% reduction in calories in its products compared to 2012.  The reduction was achieved in 2019 – one year ahead of the deadline.

According to Taco Juriaanse, director of FWS, the figures show that the soft drink sector is working hard to change the supply.  As he added: “Producers successfully adapt existing recipes so that they contain less sugar and develop new drinks with little or no calories. Smaller packaging is increasingly popular and there is an increasing emphasis on the promotion of low-calorie soft drinks and other healthier alternatives. It is clear that these efforts are paying off.” 

“We are excited to learn that the Dutch Soft Drinks industry is doing so well in calorie reduction,” said Nicholas Hodac, Director General of UNESDA.

“The Dutch example is paving the way for further achievements and success stories around Europe,” he added.

In 2017 UNESDA took the commitment to reduce average sugar content in its products by a further 10% by 2020.  It achieved this through reformulation, new product development, smaller pack sizes and the promotion of low and no calorie soft drinks.

More information to be found about the Dutch market here:

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