Soft drinks industry publishes position paper on Circular Economy Action Plan

UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe has published its position paper on the EU Circular Economy Action Plan today.

The sector supports the Commission’s agenda to accelerate the transition towards a green economy and is itself taking a range of actions to achieve full circularity – including improving the recyclability of its packaging, using more recycled content and optimising collection rates of PET bottles

In the position paper UNESDA welcomes the EU Circular Economy Action Plan launched last month and raises the following issues as key for the soft drinks industry:

  • The need for a collective effort to promote collection schemes to create closed loops and boost recycling innovation;
  • Clear policy signals are required to defend the principles of circular economy and incentivise long-term investments in circularity;
  • Calls for the development of a science-based approach to green labelling and the promotion of a multi-stakeholder approach to finding solutions for making packaging circular.

Read the full position paper here:

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