Sustainability is a key priority for Europe’s soft drinks industry and has become even more central to our business with the launch of the EU Green Deal and EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan. For our industry, sustainability is essentially linked to beverage packaging collection and recycling: the more bottles we collect, the more bottles we can recycle and reuse. Ensuring bottle-to-bottle recycling and truly closing the loop are crucial steps in making circularity a reality.

To accelerate the transition to a circular economy, our sector has outlined a new Circular Packaging Vision 2030 build around the three pillars of collect, recycled and reduce/reuse. Each pillar plays an important role and we have decided to move well beyond existing EU targets to demonstrate our believe that circularity in Europe works. It’s just time we all commit to giving it a chance.

In the sustainable society we are building all together we should make sure packaging is never wasted, because it is a valuable resource that is fully recyclable, entirely collected and then completely reused as recycled content.

We are taking actions to make beverage packaging more sustainable and fully circular. Find out more about our work below.

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