UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe announces new Circular Packaging Vision 2030

UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe announces new Circular Packaging Vision 2030

Today, UNESDA announced its new Circular Packaging Vision 2030 which aims to achieve full circularity of our beverage packaging (plastic, aluminium and glass) by 2030.

Our sector wants to demonstrate its responsibility and commitment to accelerating the transition to a circular economy. Beverage packaging can be fully circular and has a central role to play in a circular economy: it has value, is recyclable, is collected and used as recycled content. We believe that packaging is a resource that should never be wasted and end up as litter. That’s why we have decided to make a number of ambitious commitments for our beverage packaging:

  • 100% recyclability by 2025
  • For PET bottles a commitment of 50% recycled content by 2025 and ambitioning 100% recycled content and/or renewable material by 2030
  • More than 90% collection of all our beverage packaging by 2030
  • An increased use of refillables

Our Circular Packaging Vision 2030 demonstrates that Europe’s soft drinks industry wants to continue to be a part of the solution” said Ian Ellington, UNESDA president and SVP and Chief Category Officer, PepsiCo Europe. “Circularity works and we are ready to make long-term investments in supporting and accompanying the transition to ensure that none of our packaging ends up as litter”.

The full press release of the announcement can be found here:

UNESDA_Press release_Circular Packaging Vision 2030_220221

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