UNESDA statement on European Parliament Caffeine Claims vote

The European Parliament’s vote on 7 July 2016 rejected the Commission proposal on the authorisation of claims for caffeine.

The Commission proposal aimed to establish a legal framework across Europe for caffeine claims, providing protection for consumers – with a particular focus on children and adolescents, as well as legal certainty for businesses. This vote, however, results in the use of caffeine claims being left unlegislated at European level.

It is particularly regrettable as the Parliament also goes against the clear advice of the European Food Safety Authority acting in its role as the European Union’s source of expertise on food safety. The proposal was based on long-standing scientific evidence, including the comprehensive 2015 Scientific Opinion by EFSA confirming the safety of caffeine from all sources.

Its adoption would have ended long years of legal uncertainty, by providing a clear regulatory framework for industry and bringing reassurance and clarity for consumers.

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